Sunday, March 9, 2014


Whoops! Time has flown by since I have written last. School and family life have taken over much of my time. I've been thinking about my blog (as little as it is) and thinking that I am in need of writing something. So, the rambling thoughts I've had lately.

#1. It's amazing how much one action can affect another person. I'm coming to realize that it really is the little things that matter. It is going out of our way to do something for another that is true charity. Small acts of charity are what show we are Christian. These small act of kindness are so easy ( or maybe not, depending on what you are doing). Who knows, maybe it will start a chain reaction and those people will feel called to also act with charity towards another person. We're all battling something that causes darkness in our lives, helping creating hope and light in another person may be the extra "umph" we need to embrace the light and let the darkness fade away.

 Some easy ones to do are:
  •  Saying a prayer for the person in front of you at a stop light
  • Holding the door open for the person behind you at the store
  •  Smiling and responding to the greeter at Wal-Mart
  • Keeping bottled water in your car and giving them out to the people you see begging on the sides of the road
2. John's first Birthday is rapidly approaching and I just can not believe that it has already almost  been a year. As I type this he is standing in his bed (on top of a toy), waving, and saying "mama". Holy Cow! So different than March of last year when I brought home this little bity baby boy in a car seat and thought to myself, "what do I do now"? ( I don't think I'm the only mother who has had the surreal moment when you realize, this little baby is mine, and I need to do all these things for them, and oh my gosh, where do I begin?) I haven't even started planning his birthday party. Whoops!

3. Can we make it a common courtesy to never ask a woman if she's pregnant unless she is most obviously pregnant. By that I mean, really she has a basketball sized bump and is waddling, and complaining about how she is craving strawberry ice cream with some dill pickles and a roasted bell pepper filled with fried mozzarella sticks pregnant.  As a woman who apparently is often mistaken for being pregnant when I'm not, I find it so rude. Before I was married I had the question posed to me a few times by random people with whom I didn't see on a regular basis nor did I know well enough to even call an acquaintance. I laughed it off and said "not a chance". As a married woman who now has been through a pregnancy I have been mistakenly asked if I was giving John a baby sister. Though I said, "I'm not expecting yet but maybe some day". I'm not sure the older woman fully understood that I'm not pregnant.  What I really wanted to say is "I'm actually just fat or haven't lost all of the baby weight from John yet whichever way you want to look at it."

4. John has begun to hold his breath and clench his fists when angry or frustrated. It's terrifying to look at but my husband also thinks it is a tad funny. I worry what this means his temper will be like in another year when we hit the terrible two's and he is wanting so much to assert his independence. Please, someone tell me this is just a stage!