Tuesday, June 18, 2013

God is in Control

I have discovered that I am TERRIBLE at nursing while using a cover. It doesn't matter if it is a fancy Uddercover that is made so I can see my son while he is nursing or a blanket over that side of me. I have bad aim when it comes to getting the mechanics to work right. My poor son just flails underneath the covering and I look like a rookie to everyone around me. How do so many women make it look so easy?? Maybe it's just me.
                                                          This looks so easy, Right?!?

How is it that baby nails grow so FAST?? I swear I have to cut them every two days so he doesn't scratch himself or me!

My little man is growing so fast. This kid seems to get longer everyday. He is over 12lbs now and is so funny with all of his different facial expressions.

The other morning my husband cooked breakfast for us. He did an amazing job! He made eggs, venison bacon ( which I didn't know exsisted but is SO yummy! I never thought I would say this phrase but it may be better than regular bacon!), and hashbrowns! He even brought me a glass of orange juice! So thoughful! He really is a better cook than I am.

This week my goal has been to pray & reflect on: trusting God in the small things as well as the big things. I feel like in my life I have always had a desire to grow in my faith and to pursue it. There were times when I didn't know my faith as well as I should ( I still don't know enough) and times I ignored my faith.  In high school with the help of some amazing people, I found the courage to throw myself into my faith. My prayer life has had it's ups and downs. There are some times that I have felt very connected to my prayer life and other times that I struggle to even thank God for my day. I think that these are normal in the growing process. Since becoming a mother I have found that I have to rely on God so much more than I ever have before. This week I have made it a priority to not worry as much. ( I am very much a worrier) When I feel myself start to worry about something, I step back mentally and remind myself that God is in control. Say a short prayer. Let go. Move on.

Why is it so hard for me to remember to spray pans before I put what I'm baking into them? Yesterday I made some corn bread to go with some soup my husband had made. As I was cutting into it, he walked into the kitchen, saw that I was struggling and said "Did you spray the pan"? Of course I didn't. I didn't even THINK about it. I think I may put a sticky note on the oven door that says. . "Did you spray the pan yet?"


  1. *Like*
    lol, but seriously. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
    (These are my responses in no particular order.) The spray stuff you get in a can is actually pretty bad for you... I'm going to use the rest of ours then stick with butter. Maybe if you made a spray yourself you'd remember to use it?
    I really, really wish our society wasn't so sexualized and we could nurse without covers. We are at a ballgame and it was so hot, and Josh didn't want to nurse under his cover. But I know he was thirsty! :(
    Anyway, I don't know if I've told you recently, but I'm proud of you! I love the person you were our freshman year, and I love the person you are now. I'm glad we've gotten to continue growing and bonding through these joyful seasons. :)
    Also, I love your watercolor background.

    1. Sarah, you are so funny! I know breakfast is your fav. I mean, who else could eat a whole box of Toaster Streudals with me??? I love love love butter. I promise I will have no problem using that! Thank you so much. I have really come a long way from who I was back then. lol So much has changed. It is so hard to imagine my life with out you!

  2. Emily,
    I had to take my daughter to her college orientation. Got up at 3 am and back home at 7 pm ish. Anyways no changing tables anywhere, of course it's college and I am HORRIBLE at feeding under the cover. It's so frustrating for the baby and me : ( Any who you are not alone. I guess practice makes perfect.... It is so much easier to stay home. Like your blog : )

    1. Aw, Melody, I bet that was so hard! I would have just changed her in front of everyone lol. I prefer being able to sit to change John. It's so akward at those changing tables. I agree, it is so so much easier to stay home! Thanks for reading! I hope to catch up with you soon!!