Sunday, June 30, 2013

Are You Ready For Love, Reflections, Marriage

I don't know if you have watched any of "Are You Ready For Love". What I do know is that any reality show that I've watched, heard of, listened to, or read about usually make me laugh. Now, I'm one of those girls that has never been into reality shows. ( My sister Laura can vouch for me on this. Ok wait, Yes, I did have a very short love affair with America's Next Top Model) I'm sorry, I know, they are so fun and blah blah blah. They are silly!!

Do you feel like yourself in front of a camera?? I know that I don't. Do you think your REAL self comes across in about 9 weeks of knowing someone? I know that I don't. Can you really know someone in 9 weeks?? I know that you can't. Does it feel natural to have to compete for a person's attention or affection with other people.  NO. . No it doesn't. I've had to do that in past relationships and I can tell you, it is awful. It can drive you crazy. Feeling strongly about someone and competing with someone else for their attention can bring out a side of you that you never knew existed. It is an ugly (as my wonderful grandmother would say) transformation. These people may think they are making it easier to find love but in all reality they are making it much, much harder. Silly girls!

 I searched out these people to see if they had stayed together after the show and I was greatly disappointed. Only 1 couple out of the 3 were still together. It's just sad.

On to a totally different topic. I spent some time reflecting this week while on a mini-vacation. (We were house sitting) Here are some of the main thoughts:

1. I exist only because God wants me to. If God "forgot" about me, even for just a moment, I would cease to exist.

2. I love this song.

3. I realized shortly after I found out that I was expecting that it was my duty to help my son to get to Heaven. That is a huge job. I mean, the biggest. It's a pretty intimidating thought. After my son was born, I realized, that God gave me him to not only help him get to Heaven but in helping him, it is helping me. This really helps put family into perspective. As a married person my vocation is to help my spouse and my children get to Heaven. I do this because I love them. My proof of love for them is my desire for good for them, and the ultimate good is God.
Marriage is really great. Seriously. I love being married. Everyone warned me that the first year would be the hardest. Well, next Saturday, it will have been one year. I think all of those people who thought they were being helpful in "warning" us about the first year of marriage must not have been very happy. I think that this year, though we have had our ups and downs just like any relationship, has been fantastic! But, that will be a post for next week!


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  1. I agree! The first year of teaching was way harder than the first year of marriage! (Probably because I was not called to that long-term right now.)