Thursday, September 18, 2014

God Always Has A Bigger Plan

In my personal experience the good times have outnumbered bad. There are times in my life though that I have dwelled on the bad. Times that I have let the bad, troubling, hard times make me feel like there was no hope for that situation. I tend to be one who over anazlizes situations and words that have been spoken, reading way more into things than needs to be or just assuming certain thoughts, feelings, or ideas of the other person (typically negative towards me or situation).

What I have learned so far in my life though, is that there is good in everything. God has a plan for every situation that we are put into, every trial we face, every joyful moment. There is that saying that "when one door closes another opens", I've found that so very true.

I recently read about a family of missionaries ( 2 parents and 6 children) who were doing missionary work in Mexico. They were faced with a devastating loss. Their youngest, their 18 month old, died from from a drowning accident. Their testimonies about the beauty of their child's life and the beauty in their child's death is so heart wrenching and faith filled that it only gives me hope that someday I can have that much trust in God and in God's divine plan. Both the mother and father see the good that has come from their little boys life even in the midst of their grief.

Here is the father's eulogy:

Here is the mother's

I'll be honest, as a mother to an 18 month old myself and with a little one on the way, I bawled throughout both of them. To the point where I had to stop and walk away many times. Have some tissues handy!

Their story was just what I needed to remind me that God's hand is in everything we do, everything that happens to us, everything that happens around us, and everything that will come. Though I have never met this family or the little boy they've touched my heart and made me focus more on God and my faith. They've lead me closer to Jesus just through their story.

Today I am thankful for my babies but also for this family. I am thankful that I came across their story. I hope that their story opens your heart to the knowledge that God has a plan for each one of us and that the things that feel so wrong in our life are only leading to better things to come.

Little Saint Ezekiel - Pray for Us.

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