Sunday, August 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Last Saturday was the La Leche League Big Latch On. It was so fun!
We're on the right. Signing In. Our friends are on the left :)
Southwest Missouri Real Diaper Circle - We go to this meeting once a month. We discuss cloth diapering options. I love going to this meeting. I get to see babies of all ages in all their super cute cloth diaper glory. Plus, John gets some socialization.
I am loving some White Zinfandel wine right now. I usually really like dark reds. My hubby picked this up at the store the other day and it is so light and yummy!

I made Fried zucchini the other day with this recipe. It was so good. It tasted almost like the fried zucchini you can get at Olive Garden. YUM!
Hasn't this rain been crazy?  I don't know about you, but I could use just a little sunshine. We stayed out at John's godparents house this week. They live way out in the country. On our way back into town you could see where the roads had been washed out by the rain the night before. There was even debris in the middle of the roads (think big logs) from small creeks that usually never get high enough to reach the road.
I decided to put a new quilt on our bed. This quilt was made for me by my Grandmother Connor (My mother's mother). It is made up of each state's flower and bird. She hand painted each square! Some of them are quite intricate.


Has anyone else heard of this? It is amazing!!
St John Vianney
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