Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rain, Clothes, Rant

For some people, if they wash their car then it will rain the next day well, for me if I leave clothes on the line over night IT WILL RAIN. Each time I checked the forcast before hand and each time, I woke up in the early morning hours to it raining.

Oh oh oh oh! I forgot to post about this! I went to a church garage sale on Saturday and did some serious shopping. I have been in need of some clothes that, (ahem) fit. This Ijusthadababyafewmonthsago body does not fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (ok, yes, they do *fit* but I don't look the way I want to in them) and my pregnancy clothes look like I'm wearing a tent, except for the one pair of jeans. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular pants. Ok, yes, I will. I have to. I just need to lose these last 25 lbs. That's not a lot considering I have lost 40 lbs in 4 months.

Oh yea, back to my new wardrobe. I got what looked like brand new name brand clothes. I was able to mangage 10 shirts, 2 skirts, and a 3/4 length black jacket for, here is the kicker, $6.

Best deal of my life! I'll have to post some pictures of them tomorrow.

Today I went to mass at the Cathedral for Mass with the Bishop and the seminarians. (My husband's brother in a seminarian for our diocese.) While I was there, I was distracted by this little girl wearing what looked like a home made tube top dress. (Keep in mind this girl was maybe 7 or 8) Under it, I only know this because it kept slipping down, was a lace bra. I thought the straps were to the dress and though, eh, that's kinda cute but then when it slipped down and I saw that it was a bra I about died. Really?? She is a little girl. There is no reason for her to be wearing something like that. When did stores start making lace training bras? From the look of it, lol, she didn't even need it. I believe this is one of the reasons girls starting at a younger and younger age see themselves as sex objects. Not to mention, letting our little girls dress like adults attracts men looking at them like they are. (As you can even see in this article. Disgusting.)



It just drives me crazy. (Yes, I know I am now officially old. I'm annoyed at how youngsters dress nowadays)

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