Sunday, July 14, 2013

Can't Take It With You

In my last post I decided that I would put 3 things every Friday in my Goodwill pile. So, here they are!


This grey-ish light brownish shirt looked cute online when I ordered it but, is sooo hard to match with anything and isn't really an attractive color. I almost never wear it.


Dark red tank top. I got this so that I could have 1 article of clothing that was red. It was a nice undershirt for awhile but, I really feel that it is too small. It's too low to wear for modesty and too tight to be comfortable. I slides right up my love handles and ends up resting right on my waist. ( I hate that!)

Thirdly. .
 A few pairs of LONG & BIG earrings. I love all of these but, with a small child. . I don't see these ever being appropriate again. They are now dangerous. John is pulling hair. I don't want to learn if he is in a pulling earring stage too.

Here is a picture of my Goodwill pile! I think it's time to take it. Right? That's on my to-do list this week!

I just have to continue letting go of my earthly things 3 items every Friday. It is liberating! :)





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