Thursday, July 25, 2013


I like wine. I really like wine. No, really! I enjoy wine so much. The first thing I bought when I turned 21? A bottle of wine.

While J.B and I were engaged, every Monday we would buy a different, on sale, bottle of wine. We saved this wine for after we were married. We were engaged for 9 months. That is  39.1339286 weeks. So, we roughly had that much wine.

I didn't exactly get to enjoy many of those bottles because 18 days after our wedding day I found out we were expecting. So, my husband drank most of those bottles of wine. (Not all at once, I promise)

Now that we've run out. (Gasp) Now I know how Captain Jack Sparrow felt when he ran out of rum.

We're starting to collect again. Yay! I'm so excited....this is how I feel!!

 Recently we've had a few bottles. I'll be putting some reviews of them up here shortly.

Tonight, I will attempt to make something I have never made before. Squash Patties. They are healthy-ish. This could be a cooking disaster. Stay tuned! :)

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