Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Madness

Sunday was a great day! Lots of family time and yummy food. J.B's parents invited us over for dinner. They made some great tuna cakes, corn on the cob, and home made hash browns! YUM!!!

Welp, I planned on getting up about 8 today to finished washing diapers so I could get them hung out and get the morning sun. Annnnd after hitting snooze many many times we made it out of bed at 9:45. UGH. That was not in my very busy Monday Madness plan. Neither was John's major blow out that ended up all over my just made bed. (Not complaining) I think it's funny. I had just told J.B that he was going to have a major diaper this morning. Annnnd cue that wonderfully gross noise.

After many hours ( welp, that resulted in a unscheduled bath time)

So, really my idea for Monday Madness. . as in a run around the house wearing John in the Moby and get as much done as possible, really didn't happen. How do I run out of hours in the day?? It always seems that Monday are the shortest day ever. I plan on getting TONS of things done and maybe, just maybe get 2 or 3 things done that I wanted to. Today I was successful at
 1) getting the diapers hung, dried, and off the line
2) stripping the bed after already talked about "poozaster" (Yes, I did make up that word)
3) Got something done for my husband on my computer.

Things I did not get done:

1. Filling out my FAFSA (But I did get started!)

2. Washing the dishes before J.B got home. (I did get the hot water in there but it's now almost 10 pm and....they are still in there. It's now cold water. :(  Bummer

3. Get the bedding that I took off this morning off the line before the 30% chance of rain hit us. . . . NEGATIVE! Of course it rained while we were at dinner.

4. Get enrolled for fall classes. (icky, I think I'm putting this off on purpose)

5. Washing all the laundry that is in my laundry basket. I didn't even touch it. Wait, that's not true. I moved it to get into a drawer so that I could look presentable at dinner. So, I got a touch in there. lol

6. Take the massive amounts of recyclables to the Center so the can be recycled. Apparently they are closed on Mondays. Thank goodness I said something to J.B before I drove all the way across down!

Whew! Now, for tomorrow, I guess I'll be trying to tackle all of those PLUS some other things.

I thank God that he helps me get all of these things done. I wish he would make me less ambitious. I'm always a little disappointed at the end of the day that I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

No pictures for today but there will be some later this week! Stay tuned for some reflections later this week! :)


  1. Other than visiting my grandma on Monday, I have yet to leave the house this week! Not because I don't have a list of errands that should have been done yesterday...

  2. I have decided to make Thursday errand day. That way I don't put it off anymore. Since, we all know...I procrastinate! It's a disease.