Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Monday went by SO fast! Tuesday too!

For those of you who don't know I'm working on unpacking from a move. We're still doing some work on the house so, we can't really put everything away yet. It kinda looks a little crazy and packed in here because of it. Slowly I've been getting things done and put away and am starting to feel a whole lot better about the house.

My good friend Kate came over to help me get some things done this Monday & Tuesday. She is a HUGE HUGE HUGE help!!

I've been searching for a topic to write about and a few things have popped into my mind but, I'll not bore you with a SUPER long post. I think one of the biggest things I have learned since being a mother is that I long for community.

After I had John and came home and started feeling better. I felt alone. Yes, I had family close, I had friends, and my husband was SUPER helpful but, I needed to talk to other women who were going through the things I was emotionally and physically. Who were adjusting and struggling. Who were exhausted and dealing with post partum blues. It is so hard to feel alone within a struggle.

I waited until John was almost 3 months old before I stepped up and said I HAD to do something. I was feeling stir crazy and just needed an excuse to do my hair! I needed to get out and be with other people.    

I ended up going to a La Leche League informal meeting. On my way there I kept telling myself...I can just turn around. I'll go home. I kept asking myself numerous what if's. After I got there I met some wonderful women. There were all talking about having the same issues I was having and some I wasn't having. I felt accepted. I felt like I could breathe again. I went home feeling 100 times better than I did before. I felt like me for the first time since having John.

I think that my vocation of being a wife and mother includes my desire for community. As I talked about in my previous post the desire to fit in. The desire to have a place. I found within the La Leche League meetings a community that I can fit into. I can just show up with other moms and talk about whatever I am struggling with or have accomplished since the last meeting.

Today I went to a meeting. Today I got home and realized that just being gone for a few hours with other women can change my attitude and the way I feel about how I'm doing as a mother.

We all know that there is immense pressure on women today. Not just to look how society tells us but to parent how society tells us and how to be the perfect wife and have the perfect home. It's a lot. Sometimes we just need to have someone else tell us that it's all going to be ok. NO ONE really has their act together. No one is perfect. No one is really supermom! We all have our God given talents but we also all have of weaknesses. Every single one of us struggles.

How cute! These snails are HUGGING!!!

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